ICAS Convention 2019 Tuxedo Order Form

Paris Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada
Pre-order Deadline 12/1/2019

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Friar Tux is pleased to be providing tuxedo services for your event. If you should have any questions about your order, don’t hesitate to contact us via blacktie@friartux.com or by calling 800-696-3228.


How it works

  1. Place your order and confirm payment using the online form below. Our experts will review your styles and sizes and finish your order.
  2. On Wednesday, December 11th, Friar Tux will deliver all garment to the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Tuxedos will be delivered to the Hotel Bell Desk.
  3. You are responsible for picking up your order from the Hotel Bell Desk on Wednesday 12/11/19.
  4. Please try on your garment right way to issue proper fit. If you need size adjustments, please call Friar Tux at 702-873-8830 no later than 12pm on Thursday 12/12/19. Replacement items will be delivered to the hotel bell desk by 3pm on Thursday 12/12/19.
  5. The day after the formal event, attendees return their garments to the Paris Hotel Bell Desk by 12pm.


12/11/2019 Paris Hotel Bell Desk


No later than 12/12/19 by 3pm PST


12/13/2019 by 12pm Paris Hotel Bell Desk

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All tuxedo rental packages come with a coat, pants, shirt, tie, cummerbund and studs & cufflinks. A vest and shoes can be added for $10.00 each.
Package price includes the garment handling fee, delivery and pick up. Styles/colors may be viewed at www.friartux.com

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